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"I love this chair," South said. Over the bed are two more pieces of modern art, one red and one off-white. Floor-to-ceiling glass encloses a spa shower, one of South's favorite features in the home. The master bedroom features a custom-made gray fabric headboard that stretches the length of the wall.Above the sectional hangs a Saturnia Pendant lamp, a halo light fixture, 47.Even the Rat Pack would envy this place.Across from the sectional, mounted on an interior bricked wall, is the must-have large black flat-screen television. It's more to counteract the large headboard and balance the room. "But he gave me no aluminum deep-processing direction. Instead of dishes, the top-tier cabinets, all with horizontal doors, store a cache of fine wines."I designed every single inch of that place and had strong affection for it," Kole said. "I entertain friends a lot," South said."Armed with just one directive from South -- "My girlfriend likes green" -- Kole created digs cool enough to host the fellas, yet stylish enough to impress the colleagues. "It looks great when its burning and you can see the brick behind the flames," South said. "He loves everything in there," Kole said."

The master bath is encased with rich brownish-red marble.A long, white cabinet, designed as a dinning room buffet, stands opposite the bed. The condo is filled with sleek but classic furniture from the famed Knoll design firm. I went from a sophisticated couple in their early 40s to a 21-year-old. "I love it," South said.

The cushions are wide enough to sleep four or five, perfect for when friends crash after a late-night party. Suspended by nickel-plated cords, this stunning wood veneer light complements the caramel-colored bamboo floors. "He didn't really need more furniture. "These are perfect for entertaining," South said. "The previous owners had a traditional dinning room.Under the television is a freestanding, white EcoSmart fireplace that burns clean and is fueled by denatured ethanol, a renewable modern energy.Kole's challenge was designing a home practical for a college student, without it looking like a frat house.

It appears to be built into the bookcases but is pushed against the brick wall. The condo is filled with exquisite modern art, including a large fire engine-red metal sculpture. Kole chose these because they allowed South to instantly transform his living room into a dinning room. A backsplash of small rectangular glass adds a wow factor to already dazzling beige and black granite countertops.Georgetown University student and entrepreneur Cole South, 23, bought his Logan Circle loft-style home nearly a year ago and immediately sought to redecorate. South said he trusted Kole's judgment. Situated in front of the sectional and throughout the aluminum display room are clusters of Saarinen coffee tables of various heights and sizes. "We've sold so many of these lamps that way," Kole said.Kole, co-owner of Vatsu, a contemporary home furnishing and design store in Logan Circle, had redone the space for the condo's previous owners, with whom he had become close friends. The space between offers plenty of room for maneuvers while playing Nintendo Wii games.

"Then this kid moves in. "I didn't want it to look like a bedroom dresser," Kole said. The cabinet's face is made of a glamorous reflective surface topped with a lattice design. With double shades of white Plexiglas, this lamp emits such a glow that at night passersby on 14th Street stop and point.25 inches in diameter. In a corner near the windows is a green tweedlike Bertoia Asymmetric Chaise Lounge. The kitchen's amble cherry Italian cabinetry is equipped with more drawers than doors. Centered in the living room is a green, flannel-suede, U-shaped sectional that can seat 15. "He rarely cooks and eats takeout. But he doesn't need that," Kole said. South doesn't remember the name of the artist but thinks it's cool. Lucky for him, he ran into neighbor Eric Kole in the elevator.

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A supermarket manager's goal is to maximize the rate of merchandise turnover per square foot of leased space. If a supermarket places merchandise outside, it must bear the costs of hiring an attendant — plus retrieve the merchandise at the close of business; that's if it can risk having merchandise outdoors in the first place. Imagine the hassle of having to count out the number of pills in a bottle. What's more, the supermarket displays loads of merchandise at entryways and exits.

If we couldn't trust, we'd have to bear the costly burden of writing contracts instead of relying on a buyer's or a seller's word. Having worked 40 hours, I trust that George Mason University, my employer, will pay me. When theft is relatively low, the manager can use all of the space he leases, including outdoor and entryway space, thereby raising his profit potential. Companies purchase 5 tons of aluminum deep-processing with payment due 30 days later. When we purchase a bottle of 100 pills from our pharmacist, how many of us bother to count the pills? We pull in to a gasoline station and pay $35 for 10 gallons of gasoline.

That opportunity is denied to supermarkets in localities where there's less honesty. To gain an appreciation for the significance of honesty and trust, consider what our day-to-day lives would be like if we couldn't trust anyone. How do we know for sure whether we in fact received 10 gallons instead of 9 3/4? You pay $7 for a 1-pound package of filet mignon. Delivery companies cannot leave packages when the customer is not home. We'd have to bear the monitoring costs to ensure compliance in the simplest of transactions. People place an order with their stockbroker to purchase 100 shares of AT&T stock, and the stockbroker trusts aluminum display that he'll be paid. Much of the cost of crime and dishonesty is borne by people who can least afford it -- poor people.

The fact that honesty and trust are so vital should make us rethink just how much tolerance we should have for criminals and dishonest people. In my neighborhood, workers for FedEx, UPS and other delivery companies routinely leave packages that contain valuable merchandise on the doorstep if no one answers the door.

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"The students are not alone in dealing with limited funds.PHILADELPHIA — In recent years, students at Northeast High School have virtually saved mankind from a meteor, discovered water on Mars and repaired the International Space Station."So students began publicizing their plight. He recently donated eight new computers.

The money allowed students Thursday to launch their annual two-day simulated mission, which is staged in an actual Apollo training capsule and 21-foot-long homemade space shuttle simulator."It means so much to the students," said program director Joseph Connelly.

Flat-screen monitors offered views aluminum heat sink of "astronauts" inside the simulator as well as images of what the space travelers might be seeing. But their current mission to establish a habitat on the moon was nearly aborted because of education budget cuts. NASA severely scaled back outreach and education last year to comply with mandatory federal budget reductions.On Thursday, students sat at the Mission Control console with walkie-talkies as they acted out their scripted liftoff of Ares and Delta rockets headed to establish a permanent habitat on the moon. "The ability to make the best use of what you have is great preparation for real life."The program, nicknamed Project SPARC, has its roots in the U."I was completely heartbroken," said flight director Jeremy Cruz, an 18-year-old senior. In December, Connelly broke the news that district officials were cutting all non-athletic extracurricular activities.

They spent the night at school and planned to finish the mission Friday. "I felt like I was losing another family.Gary Rosenzweig, an alum now living in Denver, said his job as a mobile app and website designer stems directly from his experience with the school program in the 1980s. Now, supporters hope the attention and momentum will enable them to modernize badly outdated equipment and promote the aluminum alloy profileprogram's value in the national conversation on the importance of STEM education — science, technology, engineering and math. NASA donated the capsule and initially maintained an affiliation with the school. But that relationship languished and, as district funding waned, so did upkeep — but not student enthusiasm. "It's really difficult to find something in the school that promotes STEM understanding and is also super-fun."

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Nobody would walk down Q Street in Georgetown — a leafy residential area — and think, “This would be a great spot to build an industrial garage.”But that’s exactly what stood at 2516 Q St. for most of the past century until May, when the Sheridan Garage was reborn as a 34-unit luxury condo.

The result is that the three-building property, vacant since the early 1980s, has a formal, old school elegance to it, with its red brick front exterior highlighted by a matching brick parking plaza.

The property is a rare bit of new construction for Georgetown, although its developers kept the original shell of the garage.“Even the metal letters spelling out ‘Sheridan Garage’ are from the 1920s,” said broker Kevin McDuffie, vice president of Coldwell Banker’s Dupont Circle branch.

There is also a garage and spaces are available for $65,000 for surface parking or $75,000 underground. One building was designed to look like two historic townhouses.

But the condo has a distinctly modern flair — thanks to a penthouse level with slanted aluminum-framed windows. The two new buildings are attached to the original garage by glass walkways.“It really blends with the surrounding neighborhood,” McDuffie said. “They ended up with a really handsome project.”

The original garage was an oddity as soon as it was completed in 1923 to store and service cars owned by Georgetown’s newly motorized gentry. It was built with a 50-foot setback from Q aluminum extrusion profile Street, reflecting a 1920 zoning requirement for commercial garages in residential areas, and was later used by the phone company for decades to park and repair its trucks.

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C.According to a source with knowledge of the event, it costs a minimum of $500 to attend, with other price points at $1,000 and $2,300 per person.Funnyman-cum-Senate candidate Al Franken is back in town today, and on his agenda is an evening fundraiser co-hosted by muckraking author Kitty Kelley. Scott Bolden, also a partner at Reed Smith and the former chairman of the D. Democratic Party; Reed Smith partner Tom Greeson; Susan Cappatelli, executive director of the American Roentgen Ray Society; Qwest lawyer Melissa Newman; Blair Levin, an analyst for Stifel Nicolaus; JAS International President Jill Schuker; and, of course, Kelley herself.The author, who resides in Georgetown, has penned tell-all tomes on Nancy Reagan, the Bush family and Jackie Kennedy Onassis. Among her co-hosts: A.APJudy Harris, a law partner at Reed Smith who told us she’s an old friend of Franken, is hosting the event at her home.Franken, the “Saturday Night Live” alumnus, is running as a Democrat from Minnesota, trying to unseat incumbent Republican Norm Coleman. Which means that his benefactors will expect him to aluminum extrusion profile be funny. She and Franken have even appeared in the same book: Bernard Goldberg’s “110 People Who Are Screwing Up America,” which may explain their solidarity. Franken is expected to speak.

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Apple’s foray into the low-end smartphone market may be coming to a close as the company prepares to discontinue the iPhone 5C.At launch, the 5C made up only only 27 percent of iPhone sales compared to the 59 percent commanded by the 5S released at the same time. Its colorful, plastic construction was a sharp contrast to the sleek aluminum used in contemporary iPhone and iPad designs making the 5C look and aluminum tube feel cheap by comparison and its sales suffered accordingly..Now Apple's manufacturer, Foxconn, is scaling back 5C production and will stop making the device altogether next year according, to a CNET report.While it’s common practice to phase out products after they are dated, 5C never truly fit in Apple’s catalog of mobile devices. Although carrier subsidies, special promotions and the 8 GB model released in March helped to drive sales ahead of several Android phones, it became clear that the 5C couldn’t pull its weight within the rest of Apple’s portfolio.Apple has not announced if a budget-oriented successor to the iPhone 5C is in the works, but it doesn’t seem likely given the 5C’s tepid performance.The writing was on the on the wall for the 5C after Apple’s low budget experiment failed to receive an updated model in September alongside the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.